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Wine Scalpel / Cork Magnet

Wine Scalpel / Cork Magnet
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is a great new product for wine loving folks. If you've ever used a corkscrew, you know the problem. Maybe the cork was a little dry. Maybe the corkscrew poked through the bottom. Whatever the reason, there are a few bits of cork floating around in your glass of wine. So now what? You could use a spoon to scoop out the floaters. Or guide them to the side of the glass with a knife. If nobody is looking, you might just use your finger. However you do it, it isn't pretty but we've all been there. So your guests will understand, right?

Cork Magnet is designed to elegantly remove floating cork bits out of your wine glass. This unit is made from a passive, non-reactive, non –corroding material that will not affect the wine in any way.

This gadget will remove even the tiniest bits of cork form the wine. Once a piece of cork grabs on this gadget it won’t let go and you can accumulate cork bits and rinse them off of the wine scalpel afterwards.

Removing cork from your wine glass is as easy as 1-2-3 ! See Demo

See what media is saying about this new invention....

Featured in Uncorked - The Georgia Straight. May 2005. Click to read the article

Test Drive: The Personal Marketing Co. Click to read the article

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