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Taize-II Hair Cutting Training Kit

Taize-II® Hair Cutting Training Kit

TAIZE-II Economy Plus Shears

TAIZE-II Economy Plus Shears
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TAIZE-II brand of hair cutting shears are our economy plus shears. These hair shears offer razor sharp blades, with extra smooth feel. Blades are honed on a certain angle for optimum cutting experience. Manufactured with tempered stainless steel for durability and extended blade life. These economy plus shears are fully backed by our satisfaction guaranty. TAIZE-II hair cutting shears are available in 5.5", 6.5" and 7.5" sizes.

These shears offer all the features of our budget shears and more!
Features :
1. Ergonomic design
2. With sharp blades you will get smooth cutting every time
3. 4 sizes to choose from
4. Hand honed on a certain angle for precision cutting
5. Ideal for future cosmetologists & home users (Cosmetology Students)
6. Removable finger rest for comfort and stress free work
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seo-description-med-text-1 Hair cutting shears, texturizing shears, barber shears and mustache shears from DR Instruments. A source for razor sharp hair cutting shears, hair shears, mustache scissors, hair scissors. We manufacture shears with surgical stainless and hand honed them for perfect hair cutting experience
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