SLICER Shears™ & Holster Deal

SLICER Shears™ & Holster Deal

Double Ring Slicer & Taize Thinning Deal

Double Ring Slicer & Taize Thinning Deal

SLICER™ Shears - Euro Style Deal

SLICER™ Shears - Euro Style Deal
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"Shear Buy this Euro-Style Slicer and get a genuine leather holster ($19.99 value)free!! Limited time offer.

Rainbow SLICER Shears™ are treated with Titanium. Titanium coating on the hair shears extends cutting-edges life and protects stainless steel from rust and harmful residues.

SLICER Shears™ are engineered for busy hair professionals. Top quality Japanese stainless steel and superb workmanship makes these shears professionals’ first choice!!!

The special ergonomic finger ring design with offset handle makes it comfortable to use and easy to get use to in no time.
Length: 5.5"


  • Specially designed with hand honed blades for sharper cut and lighter weight
  • Tension adjustment screw allows user to adjust shears to reduce hand fatigue and provide maximum comfort
  • Zippered vinyl case with pull-to-open tags for easy removal of shears from their holding loops

General tips to improve performance of Hair Shear:

  • Oil Shears every other week (one drop)
  • Avoid using shears after applying hair gel or hair sprays. Hair gel and spray residue can cause small nicks and effect the sharpness of the shears.
  • Clean shears daily with a damp cloth removing hairs and residue build up. Clean carefully; blades are razor sharp.
  • utilize tension adjustment screw to maintain comfortable tension

If you are looking for a smooth, razor sharp, durable and trusting shears…look no further.

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